Custom board on shape, size, material, pattern, finish, logo,etc. 
Free accessories: normal fins 
Optional accessories: bag cover, leash, fiberglass fins, paddle, pad, air vent, handle 


The main reasons companies chose us is 3 simple core values. 
1-Make high quality kit 
2-Make it for the best price possible 
3-Offer customer service that other companies just don't



In 1999 DOHI SUNSHINE surfboards factory was founded in China with a simple idea, make great Surfboards at amazing prices. 


In 2000, we created our first high end Soft board. This has been used in surfing schools all over the world. By working with shapers from across the world, we then started to make high quality surfboards, SUP, Rescue boards, Race boards, Surfskis and have supplied them successfully globally. Over the years we have thousands of very satisfied customers...